Life In Canada / Why Canada

Canada is the best place to live in the world as it consistently ranks higher in the global and world survey reports. Canada ranks among the top ten happiest countries in the world. Canadians have one of the highest standards of living in the world. A majority of Canadians live in cities. Canada is known as a secure, peace-loving, friendly and supportive nation. Canadians respect all people irrespective of their belief, religion, place of origin and ethnicity. They believe in unity in diversity, equality, and respect for all. For this reason, Canada is a friendly and peace-loving country. Access to universal healthcare system and highest quality education ensure high life expectancy of Canadians.

Why Migrate to Canada

Canada offers equal opportunities for all.

Canada welcomes people from different places and all over the world to help strengthen its labour market and economy.

It is a country with a multicultural society and welcoming environment

Canadian universities, colleges and educational instructions are globally recognized.

Canada offers affordable education opportunities.

Canadian academic qualifications are globally recognized.

Canada allows foreign students to study, work and migrate.

The federal government of Canada has introduced world’s first point-based system to select immigrants.

Canada offers a wide range of visa options and opportunities.

Canada offers many opportunities for candidates who are looking for high growth opportunities.

Students, businessmen, investors, workers and skilled workers – immigration to Canada is possible for all.

Canada provides these business immigration programs: Investor immigration, entrepreneur immigration and self-employed immigration.

Canada provides a dedicated pathway to international graduates and temporary foreign workers to obtain permanent residence status.

Each year more than 100000 people migrate to Canada through Canada’s family sponsorship program.

Almost all territories and Provinces in Canada operate the Provincial Nominee Program. It is the second leading way to immigrate to Canada.

The other advantages of living in Canada – numerous employment opportunities in diverse sectors, organizations and industries; financial security through efficient banking system; free primary education and medical and healthcare services.

Your Life in Canada

Your first priority would be to find a job. To ensure this, you should focus on building a network by meeting new people. You can start meeting people and explore new community during the first few weeks in Canada.

The best place to meet other people in Canada is Settlement Service Provider. You can avail their free services to help adjust you to your new life. You can take part in training programs and activities; get their help in joining a professional organization. In a nutshell, the settlement service provider puts you on the path that helps you in finding a job.

Your local settlement service provider provides support and guidance in your settlement process. They help you connect with the volunteers through Canada connects. They help match you and your family with Canadian Citizen or long-time community members. You can explore your neighbourhood for libraries, recreation centres and community centres that provide services and activities for you and your family. These places are the best way to meet people in your community.